After watching the video on Ted by Ken Robinson discussing on ‘Do Schools Kill Creativity?’ what stayed with me were the words “Academic Inflation“.

We all know what ‘Inflation’ is and how bad is it for our economy. While it is the general increase in prices and a fall in the purchasing power of money or to simply state: a state where too much currency chases too few commodities; in the same manner academic inflation causes decrease in the value of education we gain in respect to the work we are provided with.

Currently, many undergraduate students worry about paying off student loans, but then, the thought of taking on more loans to pay for graduate studies acts as more of a big burden. The fear of being unemployed after completing an undergraduate program also contributes to many of the challenges students encounter on a regular basis. A closer look at all these problems shows us how children are getting smacked twice: they need increasing amounts of education in order to find jobs and they are being gouged on the price of that education.

Another sector being affected by academic inflation is the economy. Irrespective of the fact that unemployment is increased when there is academic inflation, many students end up spending many years in school without gaining hands-on experience in the work environment. Further more, the quality and value of education is reduced when the universities are over-populated. The solution to this potential problem of academic inflation and emphasis away from creativity lies in the hands of each individual.

Along with academic inflation we can also see how grade inflation comes hand in hand, increasing the stress to score better and perform optimally in the competitive economy. Grade inflation is not uniform between schools. This places students in more stringently graded schools and departments at an unfair disadvantage. This has only made the scenario worse and differentiating. These inflationary pressures has somehow pulled down the enthusiasm to learn. Education remains one of the most valued assets of today’s modern society, so let us maintain a more healthy education society.


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