A twig or a branch
Its hard to decipher,
To grow up straight or bent
Is it’s defining character.

In the daylight it glowed,
Through the dark night it shined;
Seamed stories in all those leaves-
Bloom and fall was part of the design.

Length and strength
Colliding with one another,
Syncing with smell
And the glory of nature.

T’was a twig,
Turning into branch to become a tree,
Mellow as it grows old,
But that is the entire story.

I wrote this little poetry while sitting beside a budding tree. I came to know, similar was my situation as the time flee. Now that I am here, away from home, all I can think about is- how my life would mould or would I grow in the defined manner as I was told. It’s been five months now and there’s a lot that has changed. My life has become more manageable while my skills seem to be going in vain. Maybe it is not so or maybe it is, I have only begun to stop overthinking and walk in the pace that i am in.

So far I’ve learnt, in this “city of joy” and at the university that I am in, sure there’s food, fun and festivity- all that I believed I ever wanted. But, now I have realized that, it’s not it, and that beliefs are just another form of despair. Because the more you believe in one thing the more contracted your motives become. Life is all about expanding – opening arms to thriving opportunities, understanding situations, making compromises, meeting new people – and hence, keeping options open.

Every branch yet to grow has a new story to tell, every leaf that grows has new whispers to share. Of fallen fruits and rotten flowers, like failures, wrong decisions and important lessons. Also of blooming petals and nurturing flowers like sweet smell of glowing objectives and goals still to achieve. A tree so welcoming, it grows up above and underneath. Calls termites its friend and never loses it’s integrity. Memories might’ve spoiled or taken new shapes and structure mixing with the soil below, but thinking about it once again makes me realize that all this might help me grow tired and tough; nonetheless never will anything let me be shallow.

Back at school, we were to keep our motto “Persevere till the end”- so has been my life, and I’d like it that way till the edge. For the height of the tree lets it be in limelight and root only calls for love and debris.

All of this made me feel like I’m just a twig like stem, ‘Away From Home’ budding into a huge tree.




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