We notice millions of things – passing by us in our everyday routine and due to some reason we seem to skip these little details. Like just the other day what happened was a friend of mine gave me an empty bottle to fill it up so I drank the last sip and looked in it. Now this bottle contained a mountain view with the details of the bottle on the cover behind. So creative was the idea! Showed it to my friend and then went to fill up water in it. I came back and gave him to the bottle and ignorantly he failed to discover a thing that seemed quite fun to me. The mountains now expanded as the bottle was filled with water and you could see the mountains so clear when you’d drink from it.

When filled with water

When filled with water

Just the other day again was this aloe vera plant on my rooftop it was bought couple of years ago but the pot was broken so after a week or two my father called up the gardener but was uninformed of the extra pot that was needed. But nature played its trick and the plant got it’s cover even though we forgot about it. While cleaning up an another hibiscus plant was uprooted as it was dead for which there came up this spare pot. But again my parents failed to realize the difference. But I was happy to help them learn this fact.

Found the flower pot

Found the flower-pot

Again the most common thing we humans fail to realize. We get happy with every child’s birth in our family but there are so many other buds in a plant that grow everyday and we don’t take any time to notice it. Well we’ve all learned about the plants bearing flowers and fruits on an everyday basis in our middle school, but we don’t seem to care much about the stages it is in when the flower or fruit pops out of that little plant so here’s a little vision I found at my rooftop when this little bud took it full shape. 

DSC02573  DSC02574

DSC02575  DSC02577

DSC02578  DSC02579


       The end of the first phase is the beginning of the other but the difference between the two is what we count as an experience, so live the experience as that is what counts.



  1. Wow . So you do notice the devil in the details. That is mighty strong of you.

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