Her soul was scarred,
But not put to shame.
She screamed out NO-
And said she was not a game.

Yet, she hid the violation
Walking down the defined path;
Faced realities and brutalities
Which made her skin crawl in wrath.

Easier for people to listen
And say not a thing;
The way she lost her innocence,
Was not something that would bling.

Growing stronger and smarter,
She never rolled;
Marched straight ahead
To fulfill her dreams and goals.

Even though we say we live in this modern world where people are more practical and sensible, we find people losing the mere self control that is required to call one human – ‘a sensible, rational being’. Little children are abused and never given the courage to speak about it. They hardly develop any sense of security in that background. Slowly the behavioural instincts are such that they become reluctant to going back home and flinch when touched or called for. Low self esteem to such ends that they start describing themselves as bad and get withdrawn from everything they could be interested in.

It’s necessary for us to give these victims a chance to express themselves and help them build over the pain. It is necessary to heal them in the best natural way possible. Moreover, it is our duty to spread awareness about these mis-happenings and spread positivity.

Also take seven important steps when such a report comes to you. They are:

  • Respond with care and urgency
  • Believe the child
  • Be supportive
  • Stay calm
  • Be caring
  • Face the problem
  • Re-establish safety
  • Get help

Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person.



  1. with the recent increase in crimes, i think never would this poem and it’s message be clearer than this day and age

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