You said they were black
But that was nature
Nothing superior and nothing inferior
Equal and as normal
As you could be
Then why threaten them
And regard them as lower

They love, they feel
They can breathe and as normally
With blood flowing through their veins
Then who are we to forget
That they can even feel pain
God’s children are they and so are we
So who are we to discriminate anybody

One man stepped up
And raised his voice
Leading the way against Apartheid
Who was even he to do so
But he did it to prevent humankind
For we are the reasonable creatures He made
So that we can make this Earth a beautiful place

They were exploited and oppressed
He went on trial and then to prison
Which made him even determined
With a continuous effort
To set the nation free
So was it for that man
Who soon stood as one of the best President

A free nation it was
No longer called inferior
Equality there was
And the poor country was gone forever
Embracing everyone in a warm shawl
And have made this
“A better life for all”

Nelson Mandela also known as Mandeva did make great efforts which resulted to a great fortune. Now this fortune was not in terms of money but surely in terms of values. Do you think racism and apartheid should any part of our society and culture? If you do try seeing the same practices practiced upon you.. well I think this would well explain why this is not worth it.

So lets spread equality as this will help us own a greater part of this world.


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