It seems like they had kept a watch on us for a long time… before we could even remember. Our ancestors the very tribal people must have got attracted to these sparkling colorful stuffs like stones, flowers and many other undiscovered lights. Looking at how we get attracted to these things and our gradual inclination to more luxury these aliens could find a place to settle. Without further ado they came to different parts of globe and people started to like them. With one death there were two alive and they started to breed in different grounds.

Today all around our globe we see people are delighted to be with these aliens- But haven’t they forgotten their natural looks with the unnatural presentation they showcase themselves with everyday. With a lot of growth in human world’s industry, there has been deprivation in their self confidence with their natural. Since the invasion of kohl and eyeliners we find people moving around with them often. It’s very unusual to find them without any.

Of course, on occasions you’d love to have a make over- is a good thing; but some people have started to use these tools on a daily basis. You can listen to them crying when their eyeliners and kohl are finished. They don’t seem to be happy with their look without any make-up. So while it’s a boon in field of creativity, it has also become an obstruction in letting people be happier with the way they look naturally. Instead the unnatural has started to seem more natural to them. Isn’t it a little disturbing? Though these tools enhance their looks and and define their features, yet sometimes these enhancement are the only things that people seem to get attracted to and forget to look beyond into the real personality of the person. Isn’t that bothering you?

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Is this how you would like people to recognize you? Obviously not, right? Or sometimes who would like such fun. But only sometimes- continuous appreciation of this kind doesn’t make you feel relaxed, because that’s not who you are right?

So live up to yourself, why let these aliens (make-up) invade ‘your’ personality! 



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