DSC01934   Leopards today are one of the five ‘big cats’ (tiger, lion, jaguar, snow  leopard) who are listed under the Near Threatened in the IUNC Red list of  threatened species. They live in sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Africa,  Central Asia, India, and China. It is so as they are continuously facing a  loss of habitat and hunted down vigorously for their beautiful skin and  fur.

These have a rose like pattern known as rosette on their skin which helps as a camouflage- i.DSC01941e as not only a defense mechanism but also helps as a stalking tool. But these are not enough to hide them from the hunters and poachers! To bring a safe environment for them so that they can live peacefully they are conserved in national wildlife sanctuaries and forests. Here they are kept within natural but safe boundaries to mate and breed furthermore and are also supplied normally with preys and food.


Now what we can do to save these beings is volunteer in projects and schemes made to conserve these animals. Not only this but it is also important to know if these projects are legal for they might be frauds covering themselves with your help. It might be that the closer you get to these projects you might find that the poaching is active at a higher range and that there is least you can do but then comes the real task you’ve got to believe that this  will help and that it will stop.

protected in Jaldapara National Forest

protected in Jaldapara National Forest

So save nature for this is the bud of our biodiversity and our existence.





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