Life These Days


With every passing moment,
I have a question in my mind-
People say not to think about past
But with future in their mind.

Are they living in the present?
Knowing how things work,
Or is it just materials,
That makes them do well in the suburb.

I am tired already-
With people living this way,
Smoke, sound and light everywhere,
Makes me only a futile piece of a puzzle that lay.

Lay in moments
Where it is of no utility,
Lying there to be picked up
Or waiting for it to fit into some puzzle, maybe.

Is it okay
How the shape fits,
Or, is it okay
When the theme does,

None of it matters
For this city is just covered in huge chunks of dust.
Producing people every day,
To help them grow and charge in.

Charge in- to lives that are materialistic,
That have no values,
That have no goals,
No happy memories, and nowhere to go.



Illustration portraying city life.


The human existence has become endangered to itself. It has become comparably hard to distinguish the fact if it is the technology or the mindset that is captivating every measure that would allow us to grow. Somehow or the other we’ve stopped growing, for the very nature of enjoying every moment is disappearing from our day to day living.

Let’s be more alive, aware and accepting towards what makes us content rather than, what more could be added that would again need to be managed and enhanced for making our complex lives simpler.”

Just like this statement which is hard to understand we need to stop confusing our satisfaction with contentment.



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  1. Your assumption about ‘our content’ is the reason for confusion regarding ‘our satisfaction’ and no, it wasn’t confusing at all.
    Let me know if this reply answers the question you mentioned at the start of – Life These Days

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