Travelling through the streets of Jalpaiguri in West Bengal we find these beautifully carved and handmade jute and bamboo goods’ stores. These are not only beautiful and fine but also very handy and light.

Hand made baskets and cage of jute and bamboo

Hand made baskets and cage of jute and bamboo

They are of beautiful golden brown color and add to the interior of our homes. these are wonderful for little restaurants on the beach side or even for the creative hotels and motels.





Not only did I find these baskets and Night lamps or cages but also these beautiful purseDSC01978c we’d love to carry to the nearby grocery stores or for some social work as they are eco-friendly, pretty looking and easily disposable. But one might rarely want to dispose something of this sort, right?




white and brown zig-zag striped jute bag

white and brown zig-zag striped jute bag


These were some exciting things and loved to share it with you people. It’s not only these little things that you can find in Bengal but there also beautifully carved chairs, tables, mattresses as well as other little equipments made out of jute and bamboo which one would love to use to give their homes and gardens or hotels for a bright sunny look.


Good sized bags with good leather belts and inside




  1. Great photographs but you need to work on your editing a bit. Actually a lot. Next time i am in town, we will talk photography.

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