We’ve all tried to take small tours at our hometown and all these moments have added to the episodes of our life’s story. Usually they don’t bother us that much but seldom come moments which get installed in our ROM automatically.

So once in Fatimah’s life there came a day. She was going to take a small tour of her city and decided to record the complete day. You see we all get tired of our boring schedule once at least, so this was her plan to take a day off. She decided that she’d go about and stop at places she’s never stopped before at. Casually we all know of our hometown very well for someway or the other we do explore it knowingly or unknowingly.

So she dressed up in a tee and a patiala going well with comfy bellies. This itself got her relaxed. Then she took her handycam and her scooty keys along with a bright colored backpack with some essentials. She then continued to the nearby gas station and got her scooty filled. Moving ahead- she started off her scooty took a deep breath and went straight off into the unknown. Passing by the highway she always travelled she felt a wild adventure for it wouldn’t be the same destination today. Riding straight she found this beautiful and colorful passing lane to her right and moved towards it. She was caught unawares and could not believe her eyes. She went back to the highway and angled her handycam to record firstly her ride on the highway and then went back to get her cam and shot the turning and then the surprise of her life.  It was a pretty road with beautiful colorful trees to the sidewalk and with greenery all around.

Parking her scooty she then shot it all- the place as well as her excitement. She placed her cam everywhere and danced along. Never so excited before, she loved it all. But with this thrill came hunger which she totally forgot to prepare for. But where there is a will there’s a way. So she hopped back on her scooty to find something to eat… hoping she would find some hawker. Well you see she was not disappointed she did find not one but many ahead after four km of continuous travel. But after this tiring journey she yet wasn’t very tired for the day awaited for more.

She then wore her helmet and went along.It was around afternoon. Furthermore into the unknown she found children playing in the mud during their break. She had never seen this school before. A little unknown elementary school with beautiful kids blossoming. She took permission and recorded all her experience for she did not want to miss a single element of this day. By now she had planned a lot of her life, lived back her memories and also remained thinking nothing but enjoying the moment.

Unknown to what she might get further she prayed to get something to eat in the school and was welcomed warmly. Having the appetizing and tasty lunch she felt to have lived her life and the urge to live it more. She then donated a small amount in their fund and left with a promise to come back someday.

All of this was very pleasing she then caught back to the highway and went back into the city for she realised she spent much exploring the outskirts. Back again she was in the pollution and could find more people. Yet she smiled. To rest a little she parked her scooty outside a food store and ordered a cold drink. Now where to go she thought. After shooting everything she could see and that added to the day’s glory she left to watch a drama she had heard of some days earlier. This was a small cultural theatre back in her city which potrayed the everyday lives of people. The fun part was she could even record that with a little fees. Amaizing! wasn’t it, well these people told this would promote culture anyways and that is what they were working for.  She enjoyed the whole show. By this time it was evening and she went off to record the sunset. But on the way her scooty’s tyre punctured. Damn! what was she to do now, for not everywhere do you find a mechanic but  of course a complex was easy to find.

She then spoke to the guard and parked it there and hailed for a ride back home. She dialled a few calls sitting in the rickshaw but no one possibly could do anything to help. A little helplessly she stared out of the auto and the breeze reminded her of the beautiful day, she closed her eyes and smiled. When she opened them back she saw the most beautiful sunset ever. Out of great enthusiasm she called for the auto rickshaw to stop. She hopped out of the rickshaw recorded the whole sunset and sat back in the auto in satisfaction. The rickshaw driver then told her a beautiful poetry while he enjoyed the scenario along with her which went this way

“Beautiful hues of pink

Mixing in orange

Forming an astonishing view

And fills the heart of the being in forage

Ending with a day to end

And the old scars to mend.”

Fatimah was now delighted to hear such words but unlike others she does not ask his story. She only had a conversation till the end of the way back home where he tells her himself that he learned to speak english from his son and that now he also began with a distant course from a university. This inspires her, she now ends her day with the best experience there possibly could’ve been and a motivation for her hardwork until next such experience.

   All’s well that ends well as soon she reaches back home and bids the auto driver goodbye who inspired her and showed her the path to work harder, she gets a ring. On picking up the phone her mate tells her that he’d get the scooty only if she speaks to the guard to give him the keys of her scooty. She does the needful, dictates the whole experience and shows the record to her family and sleep to rise back next morning.


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