Today we have whole new rush of fit and active people around us. We find people trying to get a good physique and work real hard to maintain proper health. On the other hand we can also look at the world going behind fast food and many more unhealthy fun activities.
While we see people trying to keep themselves healthy, we also find them not using proper methods in doing so. Some tend to decrease their metabolism by eating unhealthy which ultimately leads to no change or changes otherwise.

Teens place a premium on muscular builds and are increasingly taking chances with their health to get them.
According to the recent study the scientists found that the adolescents see toned and muscular body as the ideal, and are willing to change eating and exercise habits, as well as use steroids and supplements that has been linked to adverse health effects, to enhance muscle development.

Although it is appropriate to promote physical activity in youth, which may have desirable benefits in terms of health and body composition, care should be taken to emphasize moderation in behaviors and to focus on skill development, fitness, and general health rather than development of a muscular appearance.

“There are many confusing messages in our society regarding what is healthy. While it is appropriate and desirable to aim to be physically fit and be involved in physical activity, this should be done through healthful eating and activity behaviors,” says Neumark-Sztainer. “The youth may view taking muscle enhancers as a healthful behavior given that substances such as protein powders are widely promoted. We need to move away from the idea of an ‘ideal body shape’ toward an acceptance of diverse body shapes and sizes.”

The video below illustrates how our muscle grow in a healthy manner and how we can sustain it further.

What Makes Muscles Grow?

Thus, life is not about merely looking great but also remain great.
So keep well
and stay tuned..


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