My eyes opened
And so did the curtain, t’was still dark
Snoring voices buzzed around;
With no more sleep I sat up straight like a lark.

Tuned my player, tucked my headphones,
Only when the song was about to end
A boy stood up and took out a pair of combs,
As the train turns around the bent.

Red and vibrant the Sun shone red,
Across the meadows in the sky.
Sowed grains dipped into waterbeds
Secured by scarecrow from the birds flying high.

It’s glory shimmered in the rippling water,
With its reflection mirrored upside down;
The warmth entered through window pane,
While we entered into a new town.

All of this came to my sight-
When I looked out of the window;
A new morning, day shining bright,
With my song moving at a gradual crescendo.


Little journeys always add some experience. I was returning back home by train when I had this beautiful morning. Living in a city we don’t find ourselves so close to nature every time. The old mundane life seems to suck our pleasure and energy. That day not only did I just get up like a lark but I also witnessed this beautiful view to sustain my energy throughout the day.

Hats off to people who are still connected to the country life (with that I mean cultivators). They help us recognize the simple goodness of the Mother Nature.



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