As far as I remember, this story began nine years ago. Just as casually when I sat to have my breakfast patiently before leaving for school, I had one of the most bizarre experiences one could have as a kid.
My expression was of course – “Eww!” and I remember looking around to ensure no one saw me looking.
What had happened was, just as I picked my buttered toast and took at bite, I happened to look out of the window and found two pigeons kissing each other on the flashing roof above the window of the house next to us. At that moment my body went through a shivering vibration from tip to toe. I left my breakfast as it was and left for school.

Next day I sat on the other side of the dining table so as to avoid the horrible awkward situation. Some days passed by and I forgot about the whole incident. I then returned to my original seat and committed the crime again, or so as I thought it was.
One day at school our teacher was explaining us a story where he mentioned how birds fed each other and then I was okay with the whole scenario.

Next day onward I could just sit wherever I wanted to and nothing troubled me anymore. I just enjoyed sitting having my breakfast and the fact that the birds were having theirs. I was happy about everything.

As I grew up, I found out that this was not only feeding but courtship feeding, so I planned to sit wherever I want but only with the curtains closed to that view. Since then, I have learned to tolerate the nuisance of these creatures and fed them with water and grains myself, so that I never have to witness the old memories back.



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