I was sitting on the bench
And a snow flake touched my skin;
Then I fetched some water
But found only ice in the tin.

I could see the snowman talking
And the carrot moving to and fro,
When he suddenly stopped teaching
For the bear came in with a roar.

He seemed to be announcing something
And none of the dwarves would care;
Suddenly it started snowing-
And the bear gave a glare!

He moved out, and so I stood
And fell down with a thud-
Realizing I was in a state of reverie,
I dusted off the snowy mud.

We all have funny ideas and imaginations in our mind, to which we all tend to smile.

So, this all came up to me when in the class where I was unable to concentrate as usual and our lecturer seemed only to blabber. The word that I could frankly understand was OVERHEAD for that’s what happens with me (giggles). Anyways, so being the most miserable first bencher I tried to concentrate, suddenly when he dusted the blackboard and I could find all these snow flakes (chalk dust) setting around me, that was the time when I imagined sitting in a ice covered park.

And the characters mentioned above:

Our Lecturer turned out to be the Snowman,
The Principal as the Bear,
And the Dwarves were of course my Mates.

Classes can really be fun if we have a vision towards making it fun for ourselves. Well, to make you aware I didn’t miss a word of the lecture the snowman gave, that particular day. Rather even after a fall I made it one of the best days of my college life.

-stay tuned… More such experiences are on it’s way.




  1. Now, that’s amazing…really a fun way to convert a boring lecture in an interesting one.

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