Do you fell aimless… Can you see what are you doing? Well you are here trying to find an answer to your question. Everyday in our life we may have new aspirations and dreams- sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. We long to make friends someday, someday we just want to spend time with ourselves, someday we think about universe. It is funny as how our little thoughts keep on working to help this universe run because everything we think or do leaves an impact. So here we are aimlessly helping the universe run! Now do you feel aimless… I think you don’t and if you still are well you gotta think harder “Should you?”

Not everyone can be perfect in everything but one can always be perfect in being themselves “No one can do it better than you” and if you are yearning to be so- well.. all that you need to do is be patient and try on. I know that’s not easy but who told it’s hard because if you are trying to do something it’s giving you a better view of it and I guess changing you in a better you. So my friend your aim is right in front of you and you just need to lean a bit more and there it is right there in your hand.

So let’s do a little exercise everyday we get up. Sit up close your eyes and smile and open. This surely will make things easier. And not only can you try this when you get up but before doing anything you really want to do.



  1. This post is actually motivating & the exercise of closing eyes and smiling definitely works..

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