“Scary they were, 
Sailing briny seas
With an attire too outlandish,
And teeth like green peas.

Ferocious were their manners-
Pale, villainous and all hairy
Smiling with a pirate frown,
Making it all the more scary.”

That’s how my little sister
Recited the tale
When I asked her what she knew, 
About boats that sail?

She was not being stupid
And ran down to close the door
She did not want anyone else to enter

So she locked it with a blore

She then opened a secret tunnel
Into which she asked me to follow
She knew all about them (pirates)
And her research was not hollow

She had a golden map 
With a symbol that read sail on
Or this was somehow my aunt told me
When I asked her to tell me a tale- ‘Long Gone’.


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