You’ve ruled our planet
Through ages and time;
Built so perfectly, 
So streamlined.

You’ve travelled far-
Like a ‘Massive living submarine’!
Slithering gently into the water

Smooth and clean.

Immense and unfathomable
Measured every scale of water,
Moved from north and south poles

To breed in the grounds hotter.

     Timid and shy,
But yet so graceful;
Jumping and diving-
                                               You’ve many more generations to rule.                                         

Jumping and

Jumping and


Diving back.

Diving back.













So who do you guess the poetry is dedicated to:

Of course BLUE WHALES – the largest living mammals that ever lived on Earth.

These mind boggling creatures have a diving period of around 11 to 12 minutes after which it comes to the surface to breathe and blow out water from it’s blowholes. TWHA-02-MC0021-01Phey take in thousand tonnes of krill each day and weigh upwards of 200 tons. They are blue grey color and live in small pods. Also that they themselves provide residence to millions of micro-
organisms on their skin (Amazing isn’t it!).



Like other large whales, blue whales are threatened by environmental change including habitat loss, toxics, and climate change in the Antarctic. Blue whales can also be harmed by ship strikes and by becoming entangled in fishing gear.

So, it is on our part to save the damage and spread the awareness. “Save planet Earth”


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