I happened to walk by a store one day. A little dingy store on the side of the road and out of the way. Inside were many curiosities. On a shelf, by an old wooden bench, I saw a worn out pair of shoes for sale. I couldn’t help but notice how the laces were worn out and how the soles were almost worn through. I did look around the store some more but something about the shoes kept me coming back. I asked the man behind the counter,”How much for the shoes?” and he said “For you, just a few dollars will do”. I bought the pair and immediately put them on. The shoes fit perfectly, which was a surprise to me. Out of curiosity, I asked who used to own the shoes and the man said, “A potter I think; He wore them as he travelled around, finding broken things to fix”. I thought about it a little more and decided to make purchase. I paid the man and left with them, on.

They were very comfortable and as I walked down the street,
I met a man who looked like he could use something to eat.
I offered him a kind word and gave him a few dollars,
then went on my way with honour.
I thought nothing of my actions. But as time went on,
it seemed that each day brought something new.

Each day either someone came across in need of a kind word, or a little problem of some sort that was required to be looked into.

For years I wore the old shoes, but they never seemed to wear out. Though I had many other pairs, they just sat collecting dust somehow stricken out. Then, one day a young man came by as I was sitting on my front porch. The shoes were sitting on a table beside me and the young man asked me about them, so I told him the story while we were sitting somewhere outside the church. Marvelling at what I said, he seemed anxious to try the shoes on. I let him and they fit perfectly on him as they once did on me. He asked if he could buy them and I told him the price. He paid me a few dollars and was on his way without even thinking twice.

That night as I lay sleeping, I began to dream and I saw the man who had sold me the shoes. He was wearing robes, dressed all in white with a radiant face that shone like the sun. As I felt peace come over me, I saw him wearing the old pair of shoes and he told “Child, well done!

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. So never lay back to help someone and being kind to them, if you feel they need it. It’s just a matter of one step forward that’d help you feel the magic in your pair of shoes; and bring you delight like no other.



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