Six o’clock, every morning
On its way since the dawn was yawning,
Meant for you, as long as you pick it up
Made for the spot beside your ‘teacup’.

He’d take a sip,
Then two, and then three;
Crunch few biscuits, dipped deep in honey
A rare habit! but that was his regular.

He read about what happened yesterday,
And something that is as contingent as tomorrow,
Feeling nothing he went to get dressed
While his wife packed his food in the same newspaper- he just read.

Playing with Jimmy I went to the balcony;
Observed the sight, of the sun so bright
Morning as they call it, came in once again..
Regular as ever.

We all have a different lifestyle and some regular habits attached to it. Last month I went to stay at my relative’s place. A warm and pleasant atmosphere; no other day was like the previous one except for this- the first three stanzas of my little poem up here.
I too have a regular habit of greeting everyone good morning after i come out of my room. So there I’d sit with them at the couch and enjoy these affectionate moments along with the newspaper and the regularity.

Reminding me nothing has actually changed as the Sun shone vibrant and strong as ever.



  1. Nice, touching heart feeling leasure

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