Maintenance of democracy lies on essence of two things: sacrifice and participation. But, when the concept of drug use comes into role these two things act contradictory and do not come handy. The term ‘drug’ has now been given a new connotation where it earlier meant ‘medicine’ but the same is used for fatal narcotics that include cocaine, heroine, weed, brown-sugar and many other specifications. The youth are particularly the main victims of these instruments of abuse.

Substance abuse or Drug abuse is a serious issue whereby almost every community and family gets affected in some way. Drug abuse also plays a role in many major social problems, such as drugged driving, violence, stress, and child abuse. It can lead to homelessness, crime, and missed work or problems with keeping a job. It harms unborn babies and destroys families. There are different types of treatment for drug abuse. But the best is to prevent drug abuse in the first place.

Keeping these social issues aside the impact of drug abuse can be even more far reaching, affecting almost every organ in the human body. Drug abusers become enslaves thereby weakening the immune system, causing cardiovascular conditions from abnormal heart rates to heart attacks. It also causes widespread brain damage. Along with the drawbacks on the physical body our mental well being is also at stake.

Many, in the name of freedom, say drug use should be permissible. The argument is that the government should have a hands-off attitude toward drug use and that if individuals exercise their freedom, they should be able to exercise it toward drug use or drug abuse. But that very freedom is jeopardized by drug addiction. When an addict takes cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, or a whole host of other drugs, he is not only changing the chemistry of the body, but little by little diminishing the character of a nation.

There’s again a whole new dimension to dug abuse that people before getting into it do not recognize or realize. Terror is a big business. Drug trafficking and illegal drug trade has added huge amount of profits to ‘the crime’. Even though it is evident that drug trafficking and terrorism are well linked business, a thorough understanding is yet needed in order to develop solid strategies to prevent and disrupt these crimes. The guerrilla groups with extremist mindset usually focus on the more economically less privileged areas. Here these people are more negligent and easily get carried into more criminal activities. Focusing on the terrorism link the huge militant guerrilla groups are financed heavily by drug trafficking

Crucially, one of the reports I read concluded that terrorists are far from being the biggest fish in the drug trafficking pond. “Numerous other actors are playing an equally or more important role in drug smuggling, including members of the political and business establishment in northern Mali, Niger, and the region’s capitals, as well as leaders of supposedly ‘secular’ armed groups. The emphasis on links between drug trafficking and terrorism in the Sahel serves to obscure the role of state actors and corruption in allowing organized crime to grow.”

Just few months before getting involved into reading about it, I too neglected it somehow thinking that it did not make that huge of an impact. Getting into the insight of drug abuse made me understand it is not like the common consumption of alcohol rather it is the only means to consume disintegration.




  1. Really liked the way ,the article portrayed the negative impacts of drug abuse, not only on the personal well being, rather on a world wide scale.. People do really need to realize sooner. This article gives a great insight to this issue.

    • I hope they don’t just acknowledge it and not do anything about it.. that would not create any impact

  2. Beautifully written. This brings me to wonder why are alcohol and cigarettes legal? I feel they are the worst drugs in the world. Even coffee kills. Well, prohibition has always had negative impacts. It gives rise to cartels and the mafia. The use of mind altering substance cannot be stopped. What is freedom if we don’t have the freedom to explore our own minds? Yes, there is a use of substance and there is also misuse and abuse. Education helps us open up our minds and eyes. Recreational use of drugs can become senseless activity driving people towards addiction. I feel the fact that these dangerous substances are illegal makes people want to try them even more. Portugal has decriminalised all substances. They educate addicts and put them through educative rehabilitation to change their perception of substance. In my experience I have seen more people suffering from alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, industrial sugar more than any other substance. The fact being these things are easily available in a shop near you. Coming back to where I started, every substance has a use for it. Let us know the use of everything nature has provided for us and try our best not to misuse or abuse it. P.S. the first prohibition was made by God to Adam and Eve, we all know what happened there. Prohibition never works. The government only cares about the money mainly, not the mental health of citizens. Maybe keeping things illegal has political benefits. In no way am I saying the use of drugs should be promoted. It should not be recreational is what I am saying. Drug means something that aids to cure an ailment. Let us not minimize the options for cure. Peace, love and light.

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